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Google Search Console and Google Analytics

  Google Search Console vs. Google Analytics   Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization and digital marketing purposes. It enables web owners or webmasters to analyze their visitors with the objective of interpreting and optimizing the website's performance. Google Analytics can track all forms of digital media and refer upstream web destinations, and advertisements, and integrate with other Google products. It may include:                                          Google Search Console  is a tool that helps to do the search engine optimization method in a controlled form. It helps webmasters optimize the website by finding errors and also analyzing the overall performance of the website according to the target audience, area, etc. The initial name of the Google search console was Google Webmaster Tools. This tool helps you to monitor the performance of every website in search eng

Google Bing Master Tools

 Bing Webmaster   is a free tool from Microsoft that allows website owners and managers to add their websites to the Bing index crawler to make sure their sites are available on Bing search. Bing Webmaster Tools provides many features that can be accessed by webmasters after they verify the ownership of their websites using methods such as Meta verification, adding CNAME records to DNS entry, XML verification, and Domain Connect. It contains the following tools and features to support webmasters to access data and manage their websites on Bing. To sign in to the Webmaster tool, you can use your email ID, if you want to import your data directly from Google Search Console then you have to sign in with your Gmail ID. Once you choose to add and manually verify your website using the Webmaster tool, you can choose between domain property or URL prefix property. Once it is done you will be redirected to the website’s dashboard where you can monitor the search performance of the website.   

Branding and Digital Marketing

  You may come across different kinds of brands in your life but do you know what a brand is? A brand is what you give a name, design, symbol, sign, logo, and other features which differentiate your organization from other organizations. And this is where you can give your identity to consumers so they can reach out to you easily for the product that they are looking for.   So, this is where you can reach your brand at a high level. Having a brand will help you in achieving your goal. Absolutely yes, a brand is where you introduce your organization to the outside world as to what, which, why, and where you give your product and services. And within a brand, you can introduce many products to the consumers. So, branding is where you can start your business with high hope by targeting suitable customers and audiences.   So, how Eternia will digitally brand your business? Eternia, looking into modern technology where we can bring their products and services to a high level at